IGS-Technical Consulting

  • Technical Consulting


  • IGS with a team of expert engineers is capable to perform technical consulting services as bellows:
    • Compilation of technical standards and instructions
    • Preparation of feasibility studies and bank plans
    • Consulting and establishment of QC systems in industrial complexes
    • Consulting and establishment of hardware and software safety systems
    • Establishment of safety systems in ports and plants
    • Establishment of preventation maintenance systems in ports and plants
    • Provision of technical services towards optimization of the use of energy


Engineering and consultancy services



  • IGS employs a multi-disciplinary team of engineers to accurately perform specialized consulting and research. Coupled with our advanced technologies and engineering products, we apply proven methodologies and advanced techniques in order to solve the most difficult industry challenges. IGS has expertise across a wide breadth of technical disciplines including as bellows:
    • Fitness-for-Service (FFS) engineering assessment:

    IGS’s Fitness-for-Service (FFS) engineering assessment is a multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate structural components to determine if they are fit for continued service. The typical outcome of an FFS assessment is a “go/no-go” decision on continued operation. An evaluation of remaining life or inspection intervals may also be part of such an assessment, along with remediation of the degradation mechanism.

    IGS has substantial FFS engineering assessment experience and has applied its approach on a wide range of assets. Our staff has been heavily involved in the development of the API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 FFS standard, and many serve on the committee that maintains this document.


    • Remaining Life Assessment Based on Creep Testing:

    IGS’s advanced creep testing service provides accurate and reliable life assessment of components prone to creep damage. This service provides a higher level of accuracy in life assessment techniques based on actual creep property of components, enabling operators to determine effective inspection intervals and plans, avoid premature failure and underutilization of equipment, identify optimized operating conditions, and extend component life. IGS has extensive experience in creep testing methods such as Iso-thermal, Iso-stress creep rupture testing method and API 579 Omega creep testing.


    • Risk Based Inspection:

    Plant maintenance and inspection resources should be used preferentially on high-risk assets as they have the potential to cause serious disruption in plant operations or cause an unplanned shutdown. The priority treatment of high-risk assets must be balanced by providing sufficient maintenance and inspection for other lower-risk equipment to avoid the emergence or growth of problems over time.

    IGS’s approach recognizes that a relatively small percentage of plant equipment accounts for a very large percentage of disruption, shutdown and safety risk.

    Risk-based inspection (RBI) begins with identification of high-risk assets followed by assessment of equipment condition, evaluation of maintenance and inspection programs, study of operating protocols and estimation of life consumption of these priority assets. This process takes into account the likelihood and consequences of mechanical failure. This information is then used to modify and optimize inspection and maintenance programs, audit procedures, operating limits and safety information.


    • Storage Tank Integrity Assessment Solutions

    Thanks to the development of fitness-for-service standards, we now have the ability to leverage advanced techniques in tank integrity assessment. The application of fitness-for-service standards mean that common damage mechanisms such as corrosion, shell bulging, cracking and edge settlement no longer automatically require costly repairs. The fitness-for-services methods and advanced engineering analysis make the most of the standard data collected during required inspections and help define new requirements when additional inspections are necessary.


    • Structural Integrity Consulting

    IGS has extensive experience in structural integrity and the creation of highly sophisticated models of structures and materials. Our unparalleled expertise in computational mechanics enables us to proficiently apply leading edge computer simulation technology to practical problems.


    • Corrosion Consulting Services

    IGS offers a comprehensive package of consultancy and project support services with the capability of performing industry focused research and development contracts. We have more than 10 years of industrial experience and research in materials degradation, high temperature and severely corrosive environments