IGS-Preshipment Inspections

Preshipment Inspections In general, goods and cargoes are inspected and controlled at the origin, before shipment (by ship, container, train, etc), from the points of view of quality, quantity, packing and identification. Preshipment Inspections of exported cargoes from Iran, makes it one of the areas of expertise of IGS. These inspections are carried out by expert inspectors during production and later on, during storage in which case the compatibility of the specifications of the cargoes are checked against those given in the LC, buyer’s order form, contracts, goods lists etc. Moreover, pictures are taken which will be attached to the final inspection report and ultimately, if all is well, the relevant certificate will be issued.  

  • Exported and Imported Goods

Exported goods are usually inspected at the factory where the goods are produced, or during the transportation, or while loading on the ship, containers, railway wagons etc. As to imports, considering the high costs of the cargoes and their transportations, import goods are inspected at each stage of transfer of the goods to the importer’s warehouse, at which times samples are taken and tested according to the relevant standards and norms. The complete inspection report, including a concise description of the cargo in question, its condition as found by the inspector(s), and also the cause and the extent of damage, will be prepared. These items of information help the importer to reduce the extent of damage if any, or take action in case any discrepancies have been found. IGS, through its qualified and experienced inspectors who are stationed in almost all ports of Iran, both on the southern and northern coasts, and also through its cooperation with International companies throughout the world, provides the most accurate and at the same time the fastest inspection services for both export and import cargoes, and whenever the cargo agrees with the required specifications, it issues certificates which are approved by INSO (Iranian National Standard Organization) and CBI (Central Bank of Iran)