Oil & Gas

Sarvak Azar

IGS is responsible for providing all of TPA inspection services including inspection of project’s material /equipment and inspection of installation at site where the gas and oil pipe lines are going to be constructed in order to transfer gas and oil from Azar oilfield located in Ilam by 16 inch pipeline for carrying oil and gas extracted from Azar oil field to processing facilities located in Dehloran with about 130 Km length and also another 16 inch transferring pipe line from Dehloran intersection to Cheshme Khosh production unit with about 63 Km length. The aforesaid project is one of the projects of Petroleum Engineering and Development Company and the main client of this project is Sarvak Azar Engineering and development company which is the client of Iran Arvin engineering and construction company.
The aforesaid project including all TPA inspection services in both inside of Iran and abroad including inspection during manufacturing, inspection of materials, inspection during tests, packing and transport inspection, inspection of equipment according to inspection test plan(ITP), which have been approved by main client. This project has been in progress since 2014/09/23 and the duration of the project has been estimated for about 30 Months.

Kish gas field development project

The project is in the early production includes the construction of approximately 130 kilometers of crude oil pipeline from Azar site to DEHLORAN oil facilities and final phase includes the construction of 63 kilometers of pipes of crude oil from DEHLORAN to CHESHMEKHOSH and about 130 km gas pipeline from Azar oil fields to DEHLORAN.

Client: Iran Arvin Co.
Tasks: Pipe line Inspection

Providing Technical and corrosion inspection services as TPA for projects of Iranian Oil Terminals Company

Inspection services including all activities that need to be done in order to assure the clinet of the soundness and accuracy of the project according to the technical specification and standard. Technical inspector is a person who is employed to provide inspection services like welding inspection, NDT inspection according to procedures and international rules and also provide technical statements concerning studying certificates during the contract. Some of the services include:
• Inspection of mobile and static lifting machnices
• Doing inspection jobs about different steps of manufacturing, installing and periodical repair
• Inspection of all static equipment like tanks pressure vessles fittings and pipes
• Controlling of consumable goods and materials regarding the conformance with confirmed technical specification

Mehvar Talaei

This project, in shape of contract, is about providing technical inspection of Mehvar Talaee Comapnay projects located in Imam Khomeini port, according to certificates and standards about manufacturing, inspection jobs, including visual inspection, conformity inspection, dimensional check and inspection of consumable material have been made with the following details
A66 Imam Khomeini port:
This project has been done in the site with approximate 1.5 hectares located in Imam Khomeini port A66 piece since 1389 and now the first phase of this complex
(One-way transportation) is being exploited and the operation of
Consolidation the foundation and constructing of the second phase (storage tanks) have been done since 1393. This project in the second phase includes two tanks with about 5000 M3 capacity and four floating roof tanks with about 2700 m3 capacity
Jetty of crucial oil
This project is about constructing oil site located in the third port of Imam Khomeini Port in order to carry oil products and loading and loading of oil ships related to Mehvar Talaee company, which has been started to work since 1391 and it is ready to be finally exploited
Imam Khomeini port 56
This project is about constructing oil site in 56 piece of Imam Khomeini Port in order to develop the tank site which has been started since 1390 and now it is being exploited the oil site in 56 imam Khomeini port includes three phases and the construction of the second and third phase has been done under witness of this company


Providing TPA inspection services both inside and outside of Iran like inspection during manufacturing, Material inspection, inspection during testing, packing and transporting inspection final inspection of equipment and also issuing relevant reports and certificates according to application and the level of inspection which have to be clarified by client( the level of inspection for each of order shall be specified in Pre inspection meeting or generally according to inspection test plan.
Tosei Enerji Karaneh:
Providing Inspection services during the construction of Bandar Abas Oil terminal located in shahidrajaeeport complex including 29 tank storage for oil products with 310000 m3 capacity and two water and fire fighting storage tanks and pipelines from the inside the terminal to the waterfront, loading construction and loading off of the products and electrical equipment.