IGS-Marine Surveys

Marine Surveys

The experienced and capable inspectors and surveyors of IGS, operating in all of the country’s ports, in the north and in the south, provide marine survey services of the highest standard.  The certificates issued by IGS concerning such surveys are approved by the INSO as well as the Iranian Customs and other relevant bodies both within and outside Iran.   The major marine surveys and inspections are as follows:


  • Draft Surveys

According to the instruction of the Iranian Customs the weights of import and export bulk shipments are determined in Iranian ports through Draft Surveys.  Survey and calculations for the determination of the exact weight of the vessel and its contents before and after loading or discharge include determining the weight of the fuel on board, the vessel’s supply of drinking water, the vessel’s balance water and/or any other variable weight on board.  IGS has many surveyors who are qualified and experienced in this field and carry out Draft Surveys and issue the relevant reports thus informing the clients of the exact weights of import and export shipments.


  • Ullage Surveys

Determining the volume of the fuel on board a vessel is one of the tasks of IGS and its inspectors.  The heights of the liquid in the vessel’s tanks are determined through Tape Sounding or by use of MMC or UTI equipment and then the volume of the fuel are found on the basis of these heights and the vessel’s calibration tables.


P & I  Surveys

IGS is able to perform all types of survey with respect to cargoes carried on board vessels as requested by the owners or the P&I Clubs. Where there is disagreement between the buyer or seller, i.e. receiver or shipper, and the owner of the vessel, the P&I Club of the owner requests a survey to be carried out on the import or export cargo in question.  The survey is then performed on behalf of the P&I Club.
Naturally, an IGS report on such a survey, which must be accompanied by photographs as far as possible, would be acceptable to, and would form the basis of decision-making, in any legal gathering and would thus safeguard the interests of all parties.


  • Ship Damage and Cargo Gear Surveys

Whenever damage is sustained by the ship’s equipment, cranes, deck, holds or hull, either during loading/discharging or transport, expert surveyors would be required to assess the extent of the damages as well as the cause, and to determine the party responsible for them.  IGS has many experienced surveyors well qualified to perform such surveys.  Moreover, IGS surveyors are well qualified to carry out surveys on the safety of cranes and lifting equipment before loading or discharging begins to ensure that no accident occurs during these operations.  IGS reports on such surveys, together with sufficient documents and photographs, ensure that the rights and interests of all parties are safeguarded.