IGS-Electrical and Electronic

Electrical and Electronic

Approved by the Ministry of Power and Iran Power Transmission, Generation and Distribution Company (Tavanir) . as an (A Class) inspection firm, IGS carries out inspections on electrical equipment such as transformers, insulators, cables, HV and LV boards, fittings and posts, motors and generators, lamps and lightings as well as assessment of quality, and is also able to perform a vast range of inspections as required by clients.  In these inspections the resident inspectors check the factory’s Quality Control (QC) Plan and carry out the full range of Routine Tests, Sample Tests and Type Tests on the items mentioned above in accordance with national / international standards. We also check the technical design and type test documents of all products. Furthermore, because of its relations with international inspection companies, IGS can perform the type tests in internationally reputable labs outside Iran, witnessed by IGS inspectors.