IGS-Inspections of Dry Cargo

Inspections of Dry Cargo

To assure the cargo owners of the conformity of the specifications of the cargo with those envisaged, IGS carries out conformity assessment of cargoes as regards quality and quantity for both export and import cargoes, and checks their conformity with the specifications given in the relevant L/C or specifications otherwise provided.  Furthermore, whenever there is damage of any kind, IGS inspectors determine the cause and extent of the damage.  The major activities in this area are as follows:


  • Cargo Damage Surveys

In general, these inspections are carried out at the request of one or more of the interested parties, i.e. buyer, seller, carrier, owner and/or charterer of the vessel, and finally the insurers of the cargo or the vessel.  Damages may occur during transportation by road, sea or air as a result of improper packing or improper stowage, during loading, discharging, shifting or handling on board the vessel as well as due to negligence on the part of the stevedores and ship crews, which occur at the time of discharging or loading.  Damages include slight and serious damages and in the worst case damage that can be so severe as to render the cargo completely useless.

Inspections are performed in order to determine the root cause of the damage or to assess the possibility of its recovery and express a definite view as to its usability without any change or repair.  The inspection report, including the cause of damage, evidence in support of the inspector’s conclusion as well as documents and photographs of the damaged cargo is finally prepared by our expert inspectors and are submitted to the owners of the cargo (buyers or sellers).


  • Condition Survey

Inspection of the condition of a cargo may be performed at all stages of loading/discharging, transportation and warehousing.  Inspections may be carried out with the aim of preventing damage by determining early signs of possible damage that can result in more serious damages if the initial signs are not found at the right time.  The same inspections can be performed in relation to matters of insurance and ensuring the soundness of the cargo. IGS has long experience in condition surveys of liquid and solid cargoes and its reports, together with the photographs and accounts of the inspection findings and the relevant details are acceptable to and approved by many insurance companies and legal authorities.


  • Loading/Discharging Supervisions

The experts and inspectors of IGS are constantly present in all of the country’s ports and are able to supervise and inspect all the stages of loading and discharging of  import and export cargoes on a fulltime basis.  Thus IGS is able to keep the owners of the cargo, both shippers and importers, informed of all the stages of loading and discharging and, acting on the basis of the standards and instructions given regarding loading/discharging, to suggest preventive measures in order to avoid damages.  Finally, IGS provides the relevant reports on all the stages of loading/discharging and identifies the items that do not conform to the given instructions and specifications.

These reports contain details, evidence and photographs of the item inspected all of which can help the party who has requested the report to protect its rights and interests in competent courts of law.


  • stowage & Lashing Inspection

Cargoes are shipped in boxes, pallets or special packaging depending on their nature, and general and specific characteristics.  It is of great importance and interest to importers and carriers that the manner of stowing and lashing of cargoes in the vessel’s hold or on other means of transportation (such as trucks, trailer-trucks etc) be checked to ensure their safety and security during the voyage.  IGS has experts in this field who ensure the adequacy of the stowage and lashing of cargoes in the vessel’s holds or on road transport carriers.  Furthermore, we submit reports together with details, evidence and photographs and we provide expert guidelines that can help transport companies in storage, stowage and carriage of goods and thus reduce possible risks to the absolute minimum.


  • Quantity/Weight Surveys

The inspectors of IGS have both the expertise and experience necessary for quantity surveys as well as supervision over tallies and weighing of dry cargoes during discharge and loading, and at the port premises and in warehouses.


  • Sampling and Quality Control

IGS experts and inspectors carry out sampling of agricultural, mineral and chemical shipments in accordance with the relevant standards and specified instructions, at the mine site, in warehouses or at the stages of loading or discharging.  Following the stage of taking the samples, they are prepared on the basis of norms and standards and then sent to the IGS laboratory or other independent and approved laboratories for testing and analyzing.  Finally, the test results are compared with the specifications provided by the client and a full report is thus prepared on the basis of the foregoing steps.
In case of import cargoes, IGS works in conjunction with the internationally operating and reputable companies, carries out worldwide, sampling, testing and issuing international certificates that are accepted and approved by the Central Bank of Iran