Iran Group of Surveyors, one of the members of Experts Group, was established in 1980 as the first entirely Iranian company to begin ship and cargo surveys and investigations in this this country.  It is a privately owned company and it has been developing and expanding its activities during all these years.  At present the company offers its services in quality and quantity inspections of imported and exported solid and liquid cargoes, including oil and gas products, minerals, agricultural products as well as industrial inspections including supervision during construction of industrial equipment, safety inspection of cranes and other lifting appliances, inspection of oil and gas industries projects, industrial plants and factories, onshore and offshore installations, inspection of ships and cargoes for assessment of damages sustained by them in various accidents and incidents etc.

Years of Experience

Our History.

More than 35 years , domestic and foreign companies let us to make them sure about safety and quality of their productions and processes.

Our Services.

IGS company guaranties the quality and safety of productions and services in any types of businesses around the world and plays a lead role in improvement of their productions and processes for more success at their markets.

Our Proficiency.

Delivering accurate and on time inspections and supervision according to national and international standards by using trained and professional personnel.